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Careers 2040 Live Events

The 2030 lessons have worked as part of our PSHE/Life Skills curriculum and have worked to boost children in the eight essential skills for the world of work: Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Presenting, Listening, Aiming High and Staying Positive. We have found that our children have become very aware of their own needs and how they can help themselves to improve in these areas through writing Skills Action Plans.

The progressive curriculum spans from Early Years (EYFS) to Year 6:

Pre-learning in EYFS and KS1 includes being introduced to 35 visitors from the world of work who bring in an item/artefact which symbolises the work that they do. Children are then able to ask questions about their line of work and the difference they make to their world. This item/artefact then forms part of the Careers Hub Corner for children to use during their child-initiated learning. The children then progress to assessing their social, economic and cultural capital to develop a self-awareness of strengths and key skills. They experience half-termly workshops which focus on the children understanding what the eight essential skills are and how they can work to develop these whilst still challenging stereotypes. 

By the time children reach KS2, they should already have a sound knowledge of what stereotyping means and be developing the 8 essential skills. KS2 lessons are split into sectors with each KS2 year group delving into:

  • what a sector actually is and what this means in the world of work, 

  • an exploration of real-life contexts for the terminology of careers and the world of work, whilst addressing any misconceptions that they may have.

  • The Labour Market Index for the Sector in their hometown, and what jobs may be available in 2040 in the real companies that make up the sector.

  • Real organisational charts to discover what roles and responsibilities exist within a sector company.

  • A contextual film giving the real picture of the world of work within the sector and interviews with employers and employees.

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