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People Strategy

Ryders Hayes People Strategy, the first of its kind, is something that has never been more important for us to have in place and to enact. It aims to pull together all aspects of our approach as a good employer in one place.

We want it to resonate with all that work within Ryders Hayes as we navigate our way through the challenges that 2020-2022 have presented us and onwards on our journey to a new normal, post pandemic driven by the HM Government White Paper, Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child.

Our people, regardless of where or in what capacity they work at Ryders Hayes, are paramount to our success. We want to attract and retain the best people to our roles, harness the talent we have, deliver upon our commitments to a diverse, inclusive and sustainable workforce, whilst ensuring the health, wellbeing and happiness of our staff at work, with one common goal, to help our children to be the best they can be.

This plan demonstrates our commitment to ensure people, teams and leaders are front and centre, that they feel motivated, engaged and productive, in an environment where all staff can fulfil their potential and be the best they can be too, with inclusion and equality of opportunity.

This strategy drives our ability to develop a workforce that is fit for purpose and motivated to deliver, but more than that, it targets the personalised approach and harmonisation of our workforce, which Ryders Hayes wants to remain at its heart, enabling everyone to be happy and fulfilled in their work; to be supported in overcoming barriers, to flourish and to grow. It embeds a core, unified belief in the impact of maintaining a strong culture and identity, where everyone is valued. We will ensure that we build on the best practice and creativity that has driven our response to COVID 19 over the past two years, bringing our learning with us.

We want to have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time, in an innovative, accessible and financially sustainable model that continues to give Ryders Hayes its competitive edge, pushing the boundaries of education. We will balance this with getting the most from and giving the best to our people, through living out our people's vision. Please find our full People Strategy below.

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