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Raising Aspirations Lifeskills

At Ryders Hayes one of our drivers for the curriculum is raising aspirations. By aspirations we mean the things children and young people hope to achieve for themselves in the future. To meet their aspirations about careers, university, and further education, pupils often require good educational outcomes. Raising aspirations is therefore often believed to encourage improved attainment.

We believe that careers education and lifelong learning skills begin at a very early age. Children as young as two and three can tell you what they want to be when they grow up and it is harnessing those ideas, as well as offering further options to children, that ensure they have a fulfilling career and reach their potential.

Ryders have made a commitment to encourage links with industry as far and wide as possible. We encourage a wide range of visitors into school to discuss their roles with the children and open the children’s eyes to possibilities. We hold careers fayres and are keen to develop this further.

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