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Our Children

Welcome to Ryders Hayes on behalf of our children.

At Ryders Hayes each child will receive a rich blend of consistently good and outstanding teaching in English, Maths and all other subjects of the National Curriculum. This forms just one part of our bespoke school curriculum.

Our Ryders Hayes Mastery Curriculum is an inspiring, character-building programme for pupils, with a focus on making learning exciting and meeting the specific needs of our children through our three drivers: explore/create/build: possibilities, independence and resilience. This curriculum is designed to develop cultural capital, knowledge and skills for future learning and development.

Children have access to the latest educational technology and software, in a modern, exciting and stimulating learning environment, through an enriched curriculum. Music is an important aspect of school life, with numerous individual instrumental, ensemble and performance opportunities; a strong school choir, and band. Music taught throughout school by a specialist teacher and highly skilled and experienced professional musician.

We are a Forest School, helping our younger children to access a new skill set from learning outdoors. Our approach to spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) aspects of learning, alongside both taught and real opportunities for citizenship, aims to ensure that our pupils develop into confident, independent and caring young people with a thirst for life and learning. Our children are polite, friendly, responsible, well-behaved and well-prepared for their secondary school and beyond, including the world of work. They are encouraged to take responsibility for the leadership of their school through involvement in our School Council and as elected House Captains and Sports Captains/ as part of our Pupil Leadership Team.

Our motto is lived out on a daily basis: ‘Doing the right thing to be the best you can be’…

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