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Learners of Ryders Hayes, open ourselves up to possibilities:

  • To listen to what others have to say
  • To consider and respond to ideas and thinking
  • To speak and be heard, value and be valued

Pupils of Ryders Hayes, you are the voices of today and the voices of tomorrow. Use your voices to shape the future.

EXPLORE: Allow pupils opportunities to learn to talk and learn through talk.
DEVELOP: Give opportunities for children to explain and share their ideas and opinions.
LINK: Make connections within discussion time to build and develop different schemas and concepts.

So that all children are:
Resourceful and engaged in purposeful play using key vocabulary and asking questions.
Resilient when things go wrong (as they do!).
Reciprocal and can share their ideas by listening and explaining.
Reflective and use their knowledge and skills to make links with other areas.

At Ryders Hayes, we want to children to have the skills they need to succeed beyond school including into further and higher education; develop important life-skills in relation to the world in which they live; and have high aspirations for their future careers.

Our children will have essential communication skills to help unlock their potential. They will be confident, articulate, and eloquent speakers and attentive and thoughtful listeners, who use rich and varied vocabulary and can speak to a range of audiences and speak in a range of situations.

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