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Ryders Radio

Last year's Radio Leaders would like to share what it is like to run a radio station:

‘It was not as difficult as I had first thought to run a radio station. We ensure that the children of Ryders Hayes hear about up-coming special events; listen to music, as well as being wished 'a Happy Birthday'. I like assisting with the smooth-running of the radio station because I enjoy helping people who want to try new things, especially a technology that many of us could have the opportunity to run when we are older’.
Sienna-Mai, 6W.

‘I have felt pride in being able to share my expertise with other children across school and it is important that we get to know pupils in other year groups. I know that children—especially in younger years—enjoy creating dance routines to the music that we play at lunchtimes’.
Lillie, 6W.

Have a sneak peak at what it is like to listen to our radio station.

Radio Presentations

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