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School Attendance

The School seeks to promote behaviour based on mutual respect between all members of the School community. Ryders Hayes aims to:

….nurture and facilitate the growth of our pupils and their learning; equipping them with the skills and attributes to embrace the challenges of a rapidly changing world. To enjoy success for today and be prepared for tomorrow, by instilling the values of: enquiry; adaptability; resilience; morality; effective communication; thoughtfulness; collaboration; respect ; international /open mindedness, and growth mindset.

Good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at Ryders Hayes School and establish positive life habits necessary for future success. They also minimise the risks of pupils displaying anti-social behaviour or becoming victims or perpetrators of crime or abuse. Regular attendance also encourages children to build friendships and develop social groups, work together as a whole team, share ideas and develop life skills. Pupils with poor attendance will inevitably miss out on essential learning and on events taking place such as school visits. Children's social skills are also enhanced by regular attendance.

At Ryders Hayes School we do not authorise any leave of absence and parents are expected to complete a leave of absence form in all instances. These leave of absences are coded as ‘G’ and are reported to the Local Authority who may issue penalty notices for this leave of absence.

If your child arrives late for any reason parents are to sign in with our electronic signing in system and this is the responsibility of all our parents to ensure this is completed and the child obtains the relevant mark.




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