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School Lunches

At Ryders Hayes our school lunches are provided by Shire Services: a company that specialises in
providing catering for schools. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./primaryschoolcatering

The food is cooked locally and brought to the school site every day and served to the children from
our school kitchen. Lunches are nutritious, balanced and excellent value for money.

A three week rotating menu will be served at Ryders Hayes. The new and improved menus follow
Government food based standards and are free of undesirable additives, artificial trans fats and GM
ingredients. Freshwater Fruit Infusers will be available for children to access fresh water with a taste
of fruit alongside plain fresh water.

There is also a Key Stage 2 Deli Bar Option; which gives an increased choice for the older children in Key Stage 2. Look out for special changes in the menu for all pupils for Healthy Eating Weeks and Promotional Days.

If children will be requiring a school lunch, parents will need to order and pay by the beginning of
that week, via the sQuid Dinner Money System.

For any enquiries regarding school lunches, please contact the School Office.

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