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Ryders Hayes STEM Project!


Over the next year we will be investigating “How will STEM technologies help us achieve a sustainable future?”

At Ryders Hayes Academy, our project is a whole school investigation into the different ways that STEM technology is currently used in industry and consider how it will help us in our everyday lives in the future. Using STEM software and hardware kits (SAM Labs), pupils will create innovative systems and build their code, to provide sustainable solutions to problems within a real-world context. Each year group will investigate the ways that STEM technology is used in our everyday lives including: creating recycling systems; exploring autonomous driving; using solar power cars; building theatre sets; using technology in animal care; and designing a Mars rover.

Through our Black Country Careers Hub 2030, we will work with industry partners to support our learning by visiting sites virtually, to see technology in action, considering technologies of the future and applying our learning to designing systems for the future, within a context of sustainability.

The project is supported by STEM Ambassadors from our local Secondary School Partnership (Shire Oak Academy, Year 12 and 13) who will promote the technology they use in STEM subjects and support our pupils using the STEM kits. In school, we will train our Digital Leaders to use the equipment and software to support their peers.

The Friends of Ryders Hayes (our PTFA) will engage our local community of parents and wider family members to have the opportunity to share with pupils their experiences of using technology in their workplace. As part of our digital classroom, we will host parental workshops for each year group to foster home learning and raise aspirations in STEM careers. Our project will culminate in a showcase for families, pupils and industry to come together to celebrate the work produced by pupils and how they have applied their learning to how STEM technologies will help us achieve a sustainable future.

Please click on the links below to complete the questionnaires where we are asking parents and carers for their knowledge and experience of STEM careers, how they view their child(ren) and STEM and also a request for how you can get involved in this exciting project!


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