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Our Community


Ryders Hayes School sees itself as an active member of the local community. We have strong links with:

The Local Churches

St Michaels of All Angels, Parish Church, Pelsall and Pelsall Methodist Church, where we engage in a number of events throughout the year.

WASUP Action Group

The Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) have led the discussions about the Walsall Against Single Use Plastic (WASUP) Campaign. This has been highlighted by Damian Hinds and Michael Gove in a recent DFE announcement which requires the use of single use plastic to be reduced.

The initial meeting with PLT was held with Mrs Heaton to talk about the use of straws in school milk. The children felt strongly that we needed to come away from this as it is not good for the environment.

Miss Jobling and Mrs Bullock met with them. We discussed how plastic affects the environment and how we need to show that as a school we are committed to reducing single use plastic. We furthered the conversations on the straws and PLT agreed to produce a letter asking for paper straws and the cost of doing so. We also discussed swapping to a different supplier if this wasn’t something our current supplier could provide.

We discussed the new “teracycle” box for recycling crisp packets and how best to incorporate this into school life. We agreed on creating “waste champions” to be in charge of the teracycle and to take ownership. We will do this through recruiting people from posters.

PLT also mentioned that they were concerned with what was being recycled and what wasn’t and felt children needed further education about what could be recycled and what couldn’t. The children are planning to come into classes over the next month and conduct a 5/10 min class assembly explaining the importance of recycling. It was also mentioned that we could try to ask a visitor to come in and join the children. A visit took place from Dr Gatrad, who is leading the Walsall campaign and Wendy Morton, M.P.

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