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Parent Partnership

At Ryders Hayes we want to support parents to help your child to be the best they can be. We provide many opportunities for this to happen by providing regular Parents' Evenings, termly Parent Impact Workshops, Home Diaries and much, much more!

EYFS DFE Guidance for Families :

Parent Impact Workshops
Ryders Hayes works closely with each and every one of its pupils and their parents (or another responsible adult representing them), from Nursery to Year 6, through termly Parent Impact Workshops in various areas depending on the needs of the cohort, such as Reading, Writing, Maths, Toileting, Communication and Language etc.

We follow the Impact in Learning workshop programme which is an award-winning national parental engagement strategy. It has proven to raise attainment, by involving parents more effectively in their children’s learning, and giving them a deeper understanding of how children learn and what is expected of them. A range of tried and tested homework resources, modelled and explained through parental workshops, have enabled hundreds of schools to raise attainment for pupils in a matter of weeks.

Parents' Evening
Parents have an opportunity to meet with the EYFS Team to discuss their child’s progress on a regular basis. In the term in which your child starts, you will have a virtual parent consultation to allow you to see your child’s progress, then in the Spring Term a face to face Parents' Evening. You will receive a termly progress report and in their final term, you will receive an annual report.

Also, we are available to speak with you at the start and end of your child’s day. There’s usually a chance to have a quick word with one of the team when you drop your child off or collect them. Alternatively, if you need to talk with your class teacher for a longer period or in private, please arrange a meeting.

“Parents and carers share their knowledge of their child as part of this process. Children typically settle quickly and begin to learn”.
Ofsted 2016

“Staff work closely with parents and carers and keep them informed about how well their children are doing. Parents contribute to children’s ‘learning journeys’ by sharing ‘wow’ moments that have happened out of school”.
Ofsted 2016

Home Diaries & SEESAW
We want to hear about the learning that happens at home. This might be a ‘wow moment’ when your child does something really special at home, such as putting on his/her shoes, drinking from a cup independently, riding a bike without stabilisers, writing their name, reading signs on the street etc. Equally, it might be other learning moments, such as your child re-telling a story they heard at school, choosing to count steps, recognising bus numbers or your child writing a shopping list, as well as any festivals, holiday or celebrations that you and your family take part in together. We ask for this to all be uploaded onto our SEESAW online platform, to then be discussed in key worker groups or whole class.

All families are provided with a SEESAW login and password when joining school. 

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