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Our Curriculum

Ryders Hayes’ Mastery Curriculum links all learning and experiences for its pupils. The National Curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum. Ours is an inspiring, character-building curriculum for Ryders Hayes’ pupils, with a focus on making learning exciting and meeting the needs of our children through our three drivers: explore/create/ build: possibilities, independence and resilience, underpinned by our values, using cross-curricular key experiences to deliver national curriculum content. This curriculum is designed to develop cultural capital, knowledge and skills for future learning and development.

It incorporates the foundations for building character:

  • Sport
  • Creativity
  • Performing
  • Volunteering & Membership
  • World of Work

Our curriculum is designed to build a schema by developing knowledge + vocabulary through a range of key experiences and deliberate practice.

Some of the content is subject specific, whilst other content is combined in a cross-curricular approach. Continuous provision, in the form of daily routines, replaces the teaching of some aspects of the curriculum and, in other cases, provides retrieval practice for previously learned content.

To limit the cognitive load, Ryders Hayes curriculum builds schemas in pupils’ long-term memory to draw upon. This is achieved by using: spaced repetition; retrieval practice; building continuous provision into daily routines; knowledge webs, and classroom environments supporting reduction for cognitive load by providing white spaces to allow focus learning.

The impact of RH Curriculum is that by the end of each Milestone, the vast majority of pupils have sustained mastery of the content, that is, they remember it all and are fluent in it; some pupils have a greater depth of understanding across a range of knowledge categories.

“Talk is the most powerful tool of communication in the classroom and it’s fundamentally central to the acts of teaching and learning". Professor Frank Hardman


If you require a paper copy of any curriculum information, please contact the school office.

See Our Mastery Curriculum

The school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities, covering both sporting and creative pursuits. Ryders Hayes has received several national awards in recognition of its excellent provision. Ofsted judged the school to be ‘Good’ with outstanding features in 2016, from which we further developed our cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies to the exacting standards you will observe today.

We also hold a range of awards such as the Healthy Schools Award, Gold Quality Mark for Mental Health, Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award, Silver School Games Mark and Active Mark.

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